Tatakau Monotachi or Those Who Fight (Song from FF VII)

Tatakau Monotachi, Kevin Aprillio (Suteki Suteki..Sugooooiii)

Tatakau Monotachi = Those who fight from Final Fantasy VII… I Love it
Like Father, like Son.. He is so talented n really skilled and has a HUGE memory. I totally envy your playing.

And he had no piano sheet too… …If you play at such speeds, you wouldn’t ever be able to read the notes while playing at such a rate anyway. When you play really fast your vision doesn’t really matter that much, it’s all about your fingers.
I’m trying to learn another Final Fantasy song myself -eyes on me- ,. not that one, coz i’ll be frustrated. Tatakau Monotachi is One of my favorite Final Fantasy songs. But one of the hardest. I wish i can play it on my piano. This will take me 3 years!! hohoho
Hhhhhmmm i Also play piano since i was 6 years old, but i think i haven’t talent in playing piano, n maybe that’s why i’m still in Yamaha Basic Step (oh My God, almost 14 years) God Help Me…

i still wanna play piano, i love my old- Bechstein Berlin-Piano that i can’t bring to my boarding house in Bandung..
I am so jealous of the way his hands stay so flat…and horizontal…not sure how to describe it…my fingers tend to fly all over the place..

Sadly I have no instrumental talent whatsoever.

2 Tanggapan

  1. ini yang anaknya Addie MS bukan?

    memang keluarga musik..
    dari Bapak – Ibu sampai anakanaknya

    April, alias Binchoutan, jangan nyerah gitu dong. kalau sering latihan pasti bisa!

    Yups Yups.. Kevin ini anaknya Addie MS.. konser Begining of Fantasy yang ke 2 di Mall di tanggerang juga mengikutsertakan Tristan adiknya Kevin… whoooaa sekeluarga bakat musik

  2. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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