The Orphanage (Warning! May Contains Spoilers)

MOVIE : The Orphanage / “El Orfanato”

Genre : Horror, Mistery

Language : Spanish


Laura, with her physician husband Carlos, returns to an orphanage where she had lived as a child with plans of reopening it as a home for sick and disabled children. They adopted a son named Simón who is HIV-positive, though he is unaware of either his adoption or his illness.

Upon moving into the cavernous and hauntingly beautiful home, Simón becomes acquainted with six imaginary friends. Because Simón has always had imaginary friends, both Laura and Carlos play along with his stories. Laura takes Simón to visit a cave near the beach, and he claims to see an imaginary friend. After returning home, he draws a picture of one friend, named Tomás, wearing a sack mask.

One day, Simón tells Laura about a game that Tomás has created for him, a type of scavenger hunt. The game leads them to the locked drawer where Simón’s medical records are hidden. Simón reveals to Laura that he knows that she is not his real mother and that he is going to die. When she asks him how he knows that, he responds that his friends told him.

A mysterious social worker appears one day, talking obliquely of some new treatment for Simón. After inviting her in for tea, Laura becomes suspicious and sends her away. That night, after investigating some rattling noises she hears outside, Laura finds the woman skulking around the grounds. Though Laura screams for Carlos’s help, the woman escapes before anything else occurs. After reporting the incident, it is discovered that there is no social worker registered with the name Benigna, which the woman gave.

Soon after, Laura hosts a party for the disabled children to welcome them to their new home. Simón begs to show Laura Tomás’s house, but after an argument, Laura leaves Simón alone upstairs. When Laura returns to check on him, she cannot find him. She checks in the bathroom at the end of the hall, only to be confronted by a boy in a sack mask who she saw earlier at the party. After she tries to remove the boy’s mask, he locks her in the bathroom and disappears. No one else at the party remembered seeing the boy because all the children were wearing masks. Simón cannot be found; he has simply disappeared without a trace.

Months later, Laura and her husband go for a drive. It is evident that both are stil haunted by the loss of their son. Coincidentally, Laura sees the social worker crossing the street with a stroller, and she makes Carlos stop the car. However, in the tension of the moment, a speeding ambulance mauls the social worker. Though Carlos attempts mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, he says that the woman is dead. Laura reaches for the woman’s necklace, and in her dying breath the woman snatches Laura’s hand away.

After searching the woman’s home, the police discover that Benigna worked at the orphanage long ago. She had a deformed son named Tomás who drowned in the oceanfront cave near the orphanage. Though his existence was hidden from the other orphans, they found him and took off his mask. He ran and hid in the cave. Though they begged him to come out, he shamefully refused and drowned once the tide rose.

The desperate Laura then agrees to have a medium explore the orphanage for supernatural clues to her son’s disappearance. The medium sees five child ghosts, screaming in pain and dying of poison. Soon after, Laura, following clues she believes were left by Tomás, finds five skeletons in the very shed that she caught Benigna snooping in. Laura surmises that the woman had murdered the five children, after their trick had killed her son.

Carlos does not believe in the supernatural; he thinks his wife has gone crazy and begs her to leave the orphanage, but she refuses. She insists that she must stay and explore every nook and cranny of the creepy house until it disgorges its secrets. Laura insists that there are too many memories in the house and she needs two days alone to say good-bye.

Carlos goes, leaving Laura alone in the house. After recreating her time in the house as a young girl, she sees the ghosts of the dead friends from her childhood, and they lead her to a hidden door in a closet. Behind the door are stairs leading to a dark basement, and at the bottom she finds Simón alive. However, when she wills the ghosts to go away, it turns out Simón was dead as well, having fallen down a broken banister on the stairwell the day he disappeared. In her frantic search for Simón, she’d unintentionally prevented his escape from the basement. She carries his body up and kills herself by overdosing on her medication.

Laura wakes up, and the ghosts of the five murdered children, Tomás, and Simón, appear before her. Simón asks her to stay and take care of him and his friends forever, and she happily agrees.

Later, Carlos is seen in front of the house where a memorial to Laura, Simón, and the other children of the orphanage had been built. After going inside one last time to say farewell, he spies a good-luck necklace he had given Laura on the floorboards inside the children’s bedroom. He hears a noise and looks up as the doors slowly open, and smiles.

My Opinion :
Really fantastic movie. It was pretty scary without being too disgustingly gory like a lot of American horror movies that are made these days, A classic ghost story that does not involve gore and dismemberment to scare you. You may not seen terrify ghost like in other horror movie..but you will screaming out loud!!
I’m admittedly a wimp when it comes to horror movies, but still, I may have missed half the movie because I was afraid to look…. The house takes on a life of its own, as most houses in these kinds of movies do, but it’s all the scarier because we feel Laura’s panic so deeply. The movie earns it scares, never faking us out with quick cuts or sudden noises, but settling into our bones and chilling us in a way we’ve forgotten was possible… this movie used Spanish-language, with Indonesian subtitle.
I watched this movie with my friends in Blitzmegaplex. Studio 7. But it feels like our home theater…the onlooker were just three of us..Me, Uti & Dyah.
( ^ _ ^ )

9 Tanggapan

  1. […] ytw23 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptMOVIE : The Orphanage / “El Orfanato” Genre : Horror, Mistery Language : Spanish […]

  2. howhe…. tergerak ketka membaca artikel ini, aku akhirnya sewa dan langsung nonton! what a movie, ini film horror yang menyenangkan.

    beda banget sama film horror lainnya, yang terbunuh harus membunuh yang hidup, di film ini sungguh berbeda… hantu-hantunya jadi teman-temannya Simon. Di penghujung film adalah sesuatu yang paling kukagumi, adegan saat teman-teman masa kecil Laura datang mendekatinya. katanya

    ini Laura, dia sudah tua

    waa aku paling suka bagian itu, si Tomas pun dapat tersenyum. hantu-hantu di film ini memang menakjubkan. 6 bulan pencarian akan Simon, ternyata Simon terkurung gara-gara ketidaksengajaan Laura sendiri. cerita yang keren.

    tapi ada satu adegan yang tak kusimak seksama/gak ngerti/gak yakin bahwa setelah melihat mercusuar yang bercahaya lagi, Simon tuh bangkit dari kematiannya ato gimana? apa Simonnya jadi hantu ato gimana??? kan Simon harusnya udah mati…

    8.8 out of 10 ^^

  3. @immoz : bukan Simon yang bangkit hidup lagi setelah melihat lampu mercusuar menyala kembali, tapi Laura sang ibu yang malah meninggal… merhatiin nggak waktu tahu Simon sudah meninggal, Laura menggendong Simon ke kamar, lalu duduk di dekat jendela.. Mungkin karena shock 😯 dan menyesali kesalahannya, Laura menenggak banyak pil penenang… dan akhirnya Laura bisa bersatu dengan Simon dan teman – teman lainnya yang juga sudah meninggal
    HOOO yang seram bukan hantunya, tapi wajahnya paranormal waktu lagi uji nyali.. he he he 😆

    Masih kurang yakin??? tonton dvdbajakannya saja… kalau saya nggak berani buat nonton lagi :mrgreen:

  4. hai aprlia…!
    salam kenal….
    tolong dunk…!
    bagaimana buat wp yg menarik seperti punya kamu….
    kalo bisa kirim tutorialnya ke mail aq ya….
    thanks ya….!

  5. salam kenal juga..
    btw.. tutorial yg mana? banyak banget kali..
    mendingan kamu lihat di forum WP banyak yg saling tuker informasi tuh disitu
    atau klik rivermaya[dot]wordpress[dot]com

  6. thanks ya….dah bls…!
    aq coba deh…!

  7. aku gak ngerti bacaan d atas……………………jelasin dong rom………………

  8. halo mas..

    blog nya bagus..

    saya masih newbie neh dalam dunia blog..

    salam kenal dari saya mas..

  9. @ Ellen : *buka kamus* tonton aja deh filmnya… 😐 rom itu ap ya???

    @ Pemburu : MAS??? *&^$#@&%*!!~&^*
    *BT MODE ON* 😦

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