The Orphanage (Warning! May Contains Spoilers)

MOVIE : The Orphanage / “El Orfanato”

Genre : Horror, Mistery

Language : Spanish


Laura, with her physician husband Carlos, returns to an orphanage where she had lived as a child with plans of reopening it as a home for sick and disabled children. They adopted a son named Simón who is HIV-positive, though he is unaware of either his adoption or his illness.

Upon moving into the cavernous and hauntingly beautiful home, Simón becomes acquainted with six imaginary friends. Because Simón has always had imaginary friends, both Laura and Carlos play along with his stories. Laura takes Simón to visit a cave near the beach, and he claims to see an imaginary friend. After returning home, he draws a picture of one friend, named Tomás, wearing a sack mask. Baca lebih lanjut